I have spent the last 14 years training companies, sales people, educators and students all across the United States. I not only motivate, inspire and entertain, but I share practical, proven strategies you can take away and use effectively in your training’s and classrooms – immediately! I’ll also make you proud of the profession you’ve chosen because I know the difference you make in the lives of students. As a successful educator, national educational and corporate trainer and professional speaker, I promise to teach, motivate, and inspire educators in the on-site school training’s.

While this site is dedicated to our Teacher – Student Education and Classroom Management programs, we also have a site dedicated to our corporate programs.

Either way you can contact us if you need more information about anything. My team and I look forward to speaking to you soon!

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

In just one day, a better way! This one-day seminar is filled with strategies to 1) remain calm and respond right when challenged, 2) teach expectations, 3) provide adequate, fair, and timely consequences, 4) arrange the classroom for maximum performance, and 5) develop strong student-teacher relationships. Learn More…

Our Programs

HarryKingSpeaks Programs

These education programs receive universal praise by teachers, because they are research-based and they are easy to use. In addition to our evidence-based seminars, we have many programs just for High School, University and Adult Education students that are fun, information packed and interactive. On our corporate side, we do trainings for salespeople on referral-based marketing and sales training. We can also create targeted sales presentations for your large group of clients, selling your products or services. Learn More…


What They Say About Us

WOW! I learned more in this short time than in years of in-services!” Iris Hawkins. “This training provided the best logical presentation I’ve ever had in 23 years of teaching. I have practical ideas I can use immediately. The trainer demonstrated great knowledge what life is like in the classroom.” Neil Hudgens.
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Request a Quote

Request A Quote!

If a school was permitted to have just one training, this is the one! Our training will help to raise test scores for all students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning. Learn More…

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