How do I get started? Can I get a free cost quote?

Simply fill out our Request Quote form and we’ll be happy to provide a free, all-inclusive quote. Or, you may call your at the number above.

Can we have our training on a Saturday?

Absolutely! Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, early mornings, evenings… you tell us when, and assuming Harry is available, we will schedule an On-Site Training on the date, time and place of your choice

Are CEUs or clock hours provided?

CEUs and/or clock hours can be provided only through your district.

Is college credit provided as an option?

Yes. Graduate level semester college credit is available through Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System. Please note that additional requirements and fees will apply.

Are training materials included?

Yes, unlike most onsite training sponsors, we provide a professionally printed comprehensive resource handbook for each participant. There are many other supplemental materials you may choose from to enhance your day. They all align with the course and augment the outcomes. The cost of the materials will be included in your quote.

What if our school does not have a full day available for training?

We can work with you to develop a plan that best meets your campus needs. This means that you may be able to break up the training day into smaller units over a period of time. 

How long are the On-Site Trainings?

Each On-Site Training Seminar includes 6 instructional hours plus breaks.

Who is my instructor?

Here is Harry’s BIO page.

How much is the training?



 We provide you with a series of training options to best meet the needs of your campus. The fee for a program will depend on a number of factors, and thus we are unable to list them on our site. Some things that we take into consideration when quoting a fee include the time, date and place of the event. Obviously, an event that is local to our home base would be less expensive than an event we would have to travel for.  Terms will be dictated by the specific program. However, unless other arrangement are made, fees are due the day of the program. Our quote will include the speaker fee, the cost of materials and the cost for travel and lodging for your trainer.  Request a Quote from your booking manager today.

Who pays for travel expenses?

Travel costs are not included as part of the program, but an estimate will be included in your quote. Travel costs are billed to the client, and are payable shortly after booking the program. Travel costs can include air fare, auto rental and gas, tolls, baggage fees, hotel and per diem as needed. This is a pass through cost and we do not profit from our travel fees. Please contact us for costs involved for your program.

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