College Search Skills provides high school juniors with crucial information on how to conduct an effective college search. The program covers every aspect of the college search.

The effective lesson is that a student should never rule out applying for a school just l just because they think they can’t afford it.

First we cover how to research an appropriate college for their chosen career path. We discuss the financial advantages and stability of Science, Technology , and Math careers.

We encourage students to get involved in activities during High School that will be looked upon favorably by the admissions department. At the end of this program, students will be able to identify what each college they apply to is looking for in a candidate and how Standardized Testing and recommendations play into the admissions decision. 

We briefly discuss the application process and how to create a favorable opinion during a college visit. Finally we discuss the financing of a college education, and how it will play into their final decision (it’s not how they think!)

It is essential that the student gets complete information about college admissions, and the program is best when presented during two consecutive periods. While it can be crammed into one… trust us on this. We will provide students with a working plan and handbook that makes the process of choosing a college much more manageable and less stressful.

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