This 90-minute program is designed for College Freshmen and High School Seniors. Suddenly, students leave the confines of their parents and are faced with the practicalities of running their own finances. Students who don’t understand money management are exponentially more susceptible to dropping out of college or vocational programs. Studies have shown that understanding how to manage money is one of the least taught and most needed skills a student can have. 

We discuss the difference a budget can have in their success as a student and reaching their career goals. We spend time helping them understand the value and potential problems of credit cards by showing them a contract and how payments are calculated. 

More and more students leave college with student loan and credit card debt, unaware that their credit can be adversely affected by the actions they take today. Most student don’t understand how their credit score is derived, so we delve into the parts of the credit score they need to know about… and it’s not just about paying their bills on time! Students are also given valuable information on identity theft and the ways that social media, technology and other common things they do that can put them in a position of being a victim. They will leave with an understanding of the differences in various types of bank accounts and what to look for when choosing a bank away from home.

Believe it or not, it’s not too early to introduce students to retirement savings, in fact studies have shown that most people don’t think about retirement until age 44. So, we talk about how students can retire as a multi-millionaire if that’s their goal. It’s a simple plan that anyone can do, but most don’t because they don’t understand compounding interest. This program is designed to make students think about their finances today and plan for tomorrow.

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  • These programs are designed to help students understand how their actions in school today can affect them in the real world and business environment tomorrow.
  • HarryKingSpeaks can customize our programs to help athletes understand the positive (and negative) power of social media, viral videos and how to present themselves to the world when the camera is on.
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