Life After High School Skills 101 helps to provide high school seniors with critical information on how to successfully navigate the transition from high school to the college or career of their choice.

The program shows students how to: Cultivate the “Winning Characteristics” that colleges and employers look for and helps them understand how to prepare for a successful job interview.

During the program, we discuss what their personal brand is, and how to build it. More importantly, we teach them how and how to protect their “brand” in this day of Social Media and viral videos We discuss how to use their brand to network properly in order to maximize future career opportunities.

Finally we briefly introduce them to the concepts of mastering their individual finances while avoiding credit card debt. 

This program is written and presented for all students, however upon request, it can be specifically tailored for Vocational school students that are entering the job market or delaying college immediately after High School.

  • HarryKingSpeaks offers programs for students in high school, college or vocational programs that are very economical.
  • These programs are designed to help students understand how their actions in school today can affect them in the real world and business environment tomorrow.
  • HarryKingSpeaks can customize our programs to help athletes understand the positive (and negative) power of social media, viral videos and how to present themselves to the world when the camera is on.
  • HarryKingSpeaks offers significant discounts on these programs if they are done in conjunction with our signature Classroom Management program. Including FREE travel and expenses.

If you are interested in these programs, please contact your booking manager directly via email.

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